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Heat exchanger cleaning rubber sponge balls

Spongeball Types

Cleaning spongeball types must be selected based on the proper usage in cleaning condenser and membrane tubes.  Luxx Ultra-Tech’s rubber spongeballs have been engineered for the best efficiency possible for different requirements of Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems (CTCS) and membrane tubes. 



Standard Cleaning Balls (S):

Our standard spongeball is used when there is no specific problem or necessary requirements.  Our (S) spongeball is recommended for continuous use in either fresh or salt water.  We also highly recommend our (S) grade to be used for Ultrafiltration (U/F) tubular cleaning.


Four different densities (hardness) are available:



Soft - used for pipe and tube cleaning for various industries - Only available in
sizes 30mm and larger

Medium Soft - used in brass tubes, delicate operating procedures and older U/F
N:   Medium - used in brass tubes and U/F tubes
B:   Firm - used in stainless steel or titanium tubes and severely fouled U/F tubes



Abrasive Spongeballs (R):

Abrasive spongeballs are designed to be used in extremely difficult (CTCS) cases ONLY.  They must NOT be used continuously or often.  Abrasive spongeballs are NEVER to be used for Ultrafiltration Membrane cleaning. Abrasive spongeballs are coated fully or partially with carborundum for abrading hard deposits in metal tubes only. They are manufactured on request only. Hard scaling deposits should be removed by other known industrial procedures.


When a designed non-abrasive spongeball is used continuously in the CTCS, hard deposits do not appear.


FC: Fully carborundum coated spongeball

RC: Ring carborundum coated spongeball



Polishing Balls (P):


PC: Pumice in Mild Concentration