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Heat exchanger cleaning rubber sponge balls

Spongeball Size

Spongeballs should be slightly oversized to be able to apply enough pressure inside the tube to assure a proper cleaning / wiping.  A Luxx Ultra-Tech specialist can help you determine the proper size spongeball to suit your requirements and conditions.


Usually we recommend a spongeball diameter of 1mm to 2mm larger than the I.D. (Inside Diameter) of the tube that is to be cleaned.


A smaller diameter should be selected when using an abrasive spongeball or when condensers are equipped with protective nozzles.  If a question should arise concerning spongeball selection as diameter, hardness, size or abrasives, contact your CTCS manufacturer or refer to the equipment manual for instructions.


A larger spongeball can lead to blockage inside condenser and U/F membrane tubes, reducing heat exchanger efficiency and permeate output, therefore spongeballs that are too large for the tubes I.D. should not be used.


Spongeballs by Luxx Ultra-Tech are engineered to be insensitive to water with or without detergents.



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