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Luxx Ultra-Tech, Inc.

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Heat exchanger cleaning rubber sponge balls

Single Membrane Restoration

Luxx Ultra-Tech's proprietary process now includes the restoration of the 1-inch Single Tubular Membranes. Low productive filters no longer have to scraped due to low flux rates. Flux rates from low productive filters can be returned to like new permeate and turbidity qualities with savings of up to 50% of the cost of a new replacement filter.


  1. Each filter is first tested for leaking - if leaks are detected the membrane is discarded.

  2. If no leaks are detected, the filter is subjected to Luxx Ultra-Tech's proprietary three-step process to recover the permeate flux rates . Not all filters are restorable, nor are all leaks repairable. These filters will be discarded at Luxx Ultra-Tech's facility and the customer will NOT BE CHARGED for the testing under these circumstances.

  3. After the flux rate and turbidity are returned to like-new qualities, the filter pressure is tested, and a report will be provided for the customer

  4. Preservatives are added upon customer's request and returned for customer's use. Shipping of filters to or from Luxx-Ultra-Tech will be billed to the customer.

Luxx Ultra-Tech, Inc.

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