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Luxx Ultra-Tech, Inc.

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Heat exchanger cleaning rubber sponge balls

Liquid Transfer

Our Product Range Covers Various Densities and Qualities for Liquid Transfer Cleaning.  This Includes Wine, Dairy, Beer and Various Other Industries.


Luxx Ultra-Tech, Inc. offers larger spongeballs that are available in sizes from 2 inches through 12 inches with a Standard Quality and our Improved Industrial Technical Quality.  Densities are available in four (4) different Grades from a Grade 180 through Grade 300 (Soft through Firm).


Luxx Ultra-Tech's capabilities for providing a variety of Densities and Sizes, makes selecting the proper spongeball at Luxx Ultra-Tech a one stop shop.  Call or e-mail Luxx for a friendly FREE cost estimate of your requirements today.


We have NO minimum Purchase Requirements for this product, buy one (1) or a thousand.



Standard Qualities

Density:  Grade 180 (Soft)  Porosity:  Coarse

Density:  Grade 200 (Medium Soft)  Porosity:  Medium

Density:  Grade 250 (Medium)  Porosity:  Fine

Density:  Grade 300 (Firm)  Porosity:  Fine