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Heat exchanger cleaning rubber sponge balls

Spongeball Life

Spongeball life is dependent in large proportion to the working conditions and contaminants in the feed water as viewed below.


Inner tube conditions such as:

Roughness, corrosion and scaling will reduce the longevity of the ball.


Ultrafiltration Cleaning Recommendations:

Wash water MUST be clean and rinsed free of all feed materials.  Add detergents ("Luxxatrol MFC–2" is highly recommended) to warm clean water where the temperature should not exceed 104 degrees “F”.  After washing for a short period of time, spongeballs may be inserted removing solids, oil and grease, etc.


After using spongeballs, it is recommended that the spongeballs be washed to remove contaminants.


Type of duty for Condenser Tubes:

Continuous duty is required in condenser tube cleaning when using water susceptible to scaling; each tube must be cleaned every 5 minutes on an average, to prevent scaling.


Intermittent duty is allowed when water fouling (such as mud or organic deposits) can be removed easily.  Spongeball circulation can be set to operate only a few times a day for a preset period.