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Heat exchanger cleaning rubber sponge balls

Cleanout Balls for the Concrete Pumping Industry

Our Cleanout Ball, also known as a Godevil, Product Range Covers Various Densities and Sizes for Cleaning Concrete Pumping Equipment.


Luxx Ultra-Tech, Inc. offers larger clean-out spongeballs that are available in sizes ranging from 1 1/2 inches through 12 inches in diameter (40mm to 305mm).  Clean-out spongeballs are available in four (4) densities (hardness):  Soft (180 Kg/m³), Medium Soft (200 Kg/m³), Medium (250 Kg/m³) and Firm (300 Kg/m³).


With a variety of different diameters and densities, our larger spongeballs are used for cleaning cement pumping systems, waste handling systems, oil drilling/pumping systems and other various types of cleaning processes for piping or tubing. We are capable of manufacturing and supplying the right sponge ball for you. Call or e-mail Luxx Ultra-Tech, Inc., for a FREE cost estimate for your particular needs.


** Concrete Clean-Out Spongeballs are sold based on the Actual outside diameter size in Millimeters. The Spongeballs are NOT sold based on the size of the pipe/tube that is being cleaned. **


We have NO minimum Purchase Requirements for this product, buy one (1) or a thousand.


Technical Qualities


Densities available from 1-1/2” through 12”(40mm to 305mm):